The style program

Make the world see you in impeccable style

100 countries service

You can benefit from our program in most countries with access to technology.

100% personal

You will not receive previously modified outfits. Indeed, the entire process is designed according to your context and preferences.

100 days guarantee

Our service has a money-back guarantee of thirty days. Further, any product made by us has an extended warranty of one hundred days.

1:1 with experts

You have direct access to wardrobe and style experts, not just salespeople.

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You are just one click away from becoming a person with an impeccable personal style, and one who is seen and admired by others for his presence.

Your simple start to becoming a style icon

Don’t waste your time looking for your own personal style by testing countless clothes that do not fit you, or in which you do not feel yourself. Instead, use the experience of a top team specialized in creating complex custom wardrobes to present yourself as an accomplished man.

The Style Program and What It Does For You

The Style Program is a start-up service where we design your ideal outfits and remake your wardrobe, so that you can present yourself impeccably in any context.

Upon completing the program, you will be part of the 0.5% of men who have a defined personal style.

How does it work?

The style program consists of 4 steps:

1. The profile

We begin by analysing your context and preferences, your chromatic complexity (such as your skin colour and tone, eye colour, and hair colour, including the contrasts between them), and by taking your body’s measurements. Every step is completed online from the comfort of your own home or office.

2. The personal design

In line with the steps fashion brands take when launching a collection, we draw your personal design. We begin with your context, preferences, and unique measurements. Further, upon checking all of the details with you, we make the first set of clothes, which will be the basis of your new wardrobe.

3. The wardrobe audit

The wardrobe audit is a general check of the clothing items in your wardrobe. The manhitect recommends which items need to be kept, adjusted, or removed. Of course, the final decision remains entirely with you.

4. The wardrobe plan

The wardrobe development is based on the wardrobe plan. It starts with the basics and continues with rarely used items. Even if the wardrobe can be built in a short time, maintenance is necessary over time.

Each item is bespoke, made at your request according to your preferences and measurements.
The process takes up to thirty working days. For the first elements, it is necessary to have up to three fittings.

The result

After the program service, you will have your own style and become a connoisseur. You will know all about your body type and colour complexion, receive a complementary cut, and all of your wardrobe will be prepared and ready for any occasion with ease.

We create for you a truly personal appearance, taking into account what is important, authentic, and natural to you, not only what “is right or on trend”. In this way, you and your appearance will become inseparable.

Guaranteed service

If there are elements that do not suit you during the process, we can change or restart them. Further, if you still believe that we have not offered the right service for you, we will refund your money without asking questions.

Our service is guaranteed by a money-back thirty-day guarantee. Further, any product made by us has an extended warranty of one hundred days.

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The feeling of having a well-cultivated personal style is priceless.

It is recognised and appreciated by others.

It creates personal and professional opportunities and further emphasises your personality by communicating to others without using words.

All of this comes without any effort on your part.