Summer black plain dinner suit


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Your unique dinner suit

This bespoke dinner suit and all the preferred details will be created entirely according to your unique measurements and made using the traditional method of sewing the inner fabrics, not by gluing them

The result highlights your body and offers you a soft feeling of a suit with a soul.

You can see here in short the steps of the bespoke suit delivered online

Made from an amazing fabric

Woven of pure virgin wool of a rare fineness of 17 microns in fiber diameter, this light summer fabric is the most suited for travel because it has unusual wool properties. State-of-the-art technology makes this fabric naturally elastic, almost impossible to stain and hard to crease.

These unique properties offer you a carefree experience, of wearing simple luxury clothes, made of fine fibers

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Fiber softness

Stain repellent

Creasing reversibility