Manhitects offers the first traditional online bespoke service along with a styling service, which is called personal style architecture.

The style architecture is applied both for the outfit of a special event and for all of the elements in the wardrobe that make up one’s personal image.

A manhitect is a style architect for men. He gathers all of the information related to the context, needs, and preferences of the client, then offers him a solution with which he is comfortable and suits him to the smallest detail.

Personal style architecture works as a makeover for clients who do not have a well-defined personal style and as a refresh for those who have already established their style.

What the Style Program Contains

The complete personal style architecture service comprises four parts:

  1. Customer profile – which identifies all of the details related to him.
  2. Customer design – in which the customer’s first set of clothes is designed from scratch (jacket, trousers, waistcoat, and shirt).
  3. Wardrobe audit – in which each item in the wardrobe is checked to comply with the new standard.
  4. Wardrobe plan – in which the client receives the proposal for a wardrobe that can support his clothing style in any context.

An individual who goes through our style architecture program becomes a style icon – a man with a unique air and a natural elegance in any social context.

Our philosophy is that personal style perfectly complements personality, and is the only way to communicate without speaking. We believe that the outside must be a reflection of the inside when it comes to letting yourself be seen and appreciated for your presence.