Image Architecture


We provide personal style consultancy, supply the attire and offer ongoing services needed to define, maintain or expand our Client’s personal style.

Image Architecture begins with developing its cornerstone – the Client’s design. Every individual has both unique shape and personality. The Client’s design is the fine balance between personal perceptions and physical particularities.

We specialize in taking over the full responsibility of the client’s image and creating a work of art in any given context.

Within the Wardrobe Audit the Wardrobe Plan takes shape. Clarity extends not only to what already exists, but also to what constitutes an optimal wardrobe and all the clothes derived from it. A wardrobe plan considers the context, personality, physical conformation and client’s complexity.

Ultimately, the customer has his unique design, he knows what elements he can rely on in order to create the perfect outfit and can order through his manhitect any other item mentioned in his Wardrobe Plan or the client wishes.
From this point, the client enters into a long-lasting relationship with his manchitect, his personal style consultant and supplier.

The pursuit of perfection

At the foundation of Manhitects you find the product. We seek perfection and are directly responsible for the end result. Because of that, we have developed our own production facilities. All the custom items are bespoke – for the fitting to be perfect. We do not adjust a predefined product, but create a work of art for each of our clients. The execution is sustained by latest technology mixed with European sartorial craftsmanship. We sew traditionally and avoid synthetic materials. We use the best materials in the world, usually delivered from England, Italy and France. The product is made entirely in the old continent, from the first thread to the last wrapping paper. Our product is an expression of European tradition.

How it works

Depending on the need, there are from 3 to 7 steps.
If you only need an outfit or a custom element, we will have 3 to 5 meetings. If you choose the full services, we will have up to 10 meetings over 1.5 to 3 months.

How to buy

Manhitects services is a personalized service for men.
Every detail is established in the first meeting which is free of charge.
One element or the entire service can be offered as gifts.

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