Bespoke means a garment made according to the unique measurements of the client and without using a predefined pattern.

As this process is the solution that requires more visits to the tailor and more complex logistics, this type of service is offered by tailoring workshops and is not found in factories.

The specificity of bespoke is craftsmanship. Indeed, tailoring machines are used only when the human hand cannot provide the same precision. Many bespoke tailoring workshops even promote a lower or higher rate of tailoring imperfection.

How do you know if your clothes are bespoke?

The easiest way to find out if your clothes are made in a bespoke manner is through the presence of fittings. Any bespoke garment needs at least two fittings until the design is established. Further, during these fittings, the garment is unfinished, so you can see what materials are used in its construction.

The method and materials used in the manufacturing can make the difference between a good bespoke product and an extraordinary one.

All customers are focused on the quality of the main material from which their clothes are made, but almost no one asks what materials are used. It’s like building a house. Customers follow the general and interior design, but the truth is that the type of materials used in the structure, and the way the construction is made, is what provides a quality house in the long run.

An authentic bespoke is also made from natural materials.

Making the structure of a garment with natural materials involves the technique of fixing them by sewing, not gluing. This laborious process offers several advantages to the wearer. First of all, the lack of synthetic materials and glue provides better breathability. Secondly, the natural fabrics fixed by sewing inside the garment gives it a luxury softness, which is very appreciated when worn. And, last but not least, some natural fabrics fixed by sewing them on the inside offer an almost unlimited lifespan to the garment: whatever happens, the coat can be remade and adjusted, hence the concept of leaving a bespoke coat as inheritance.

Clothes with a Soul

Bespoke clothes that are created in the traditional method are mostly handmade, so they borrow from the character and culture of those who make them.

In itself, a bespoke garment meets all of the characteristics of the work of art. It is a unique element made by one or more masters. The human element makes the garment unique: firstly, by combining the elements required by the customer, and, secondly, in the fact that the human hand cannot make two identical movements like a machine. By combining these aspects, each garment has its own personality.

Unlike works of fine art, bespoke clothes lend their attributes to their owner, meaning that the beauty of handmade clothes becomes the adornment of those who wear them.