How it works


Manhitects offers two types of services

A custom outfit or element

For a punctual situation, where the Client needs an outfit or a specific element.

The Personal Image Program

A service in which we entirely manage the Client’s personal styling.

A Custom Outfit or Element

For one time requests of outfits or specific clothing items, we will have 3 to 5 meetings and a delivery term is up to 4 weeks.

Manhitects manufactures the following bespoke items: suits, blazers, trousers, westcoats, coats and shirts. We provide accessories that compliment the outfit, from verified third parties.

The Process

Order details

During the first meeting, the items are identified and the order details are set.

The Client, assisted by the manhitect, chooses the cut, the fabric and the detail elements of the item or the outfit he needs.

The manhitect takes the measurements needed to design the Clients bespoke cut.


In successive meetings, the Client tries on the intermediary product, verifies the way it fits and they decide on cut details.


The last meeting is for product delivery and final fitting verification.

The Image Architecture Program

Part of the full personal image service, the manhitect reorganizes and plans the entire Client’s appearance.  It is a program that consists of up to 10 meetings over 1.5 to 3 months.

The Image Architecture Program has
4 Elements

The Client’s Design
Wardrobe’s Audit and Plan
Bespoke tailoring Products
Personal shopping sessions

The Client’s Design

Using the body measurements, the manhitect works with an internal team to designs Client’s cut. The cut is the drawing which will be used in preparing the bespoke clothing.

We build functional try on prototypes based on the cut: a three piece suit prototype (a suit jacket, a pair of trousers and a vest) and a shirt. The prototyping is needed to ensure perfect fitting.

Wardrobe’s Audit And Plan

The wardrobe’s audit is a general check up of all the clothing items the Client uses. The manhitect recommends which items need to be kept, adjusted or removed. Next, he proposes a plan for wardrobe completion over time. The products are manufactured by Manhitects or bought during the Personal Shopping sessions. When everything is completed, the Client has the perfect outfits for any context, be it formal, office or casual.

Bespoke Tailoring Products

The bespoke tailoring products are ultra personalized items, manufactured on the unique cut of the client. Manhitects manufactures the following bespoke items: full canvassed suits, blazers, trousers, westcoats, coats and shirts.

Personal Shopping Sessions

During the personal shopping sessions the manhitect provides the Client any other items listed on the wardrobe plan or requested by the Client.

The Image Architecture program and process


It all starts with the preliminary meeting between a manhitect and a prospective customer, in which the prospect is fully presented the Manhitects services. If it suits his needs, he becomes a Client and his profile is created.


The Client’s profile includes personal information, measurements and preferences.

Using the particular measurements, bespoke cuts are hand drawn for all clothing and shoes.

Draft bespoke garments are produced and tried on by the Client in order to adjust and perfect the cuts.

Wardrobe Audit

The audit is a review of the Client’s existing wardrobe items. Each garment is analyzed, photographed and added to the Client profile. The manhitect combines the items into attires for the Client. The audit and profile costs are included in the one time sign-up service fee.

Wardrobe Adjusments

After the audit, part of the garments may need to be discarded. Some will be used as they are, if the fitting is correct. The remaining items need to be altered, adjusted by a tailor for proper fitting, using the measurements and cuts previously prepared.

Building the Wardrobe

The wardrobe construction is based on the wardrobe plan. It starts with the basics and continues with rarely used items. Even if the wardrobe can be built in a short time, maintenance is necessary over time.

Ordering Wardrobe Elements

Once the profile and audit are completed, the Client can order any wardrobe item from the manhitect, or online, directly from the Manhitects web application (which is still a work in progress).

The main items that can be ordered are: suit, tuxedo, regular, sport or travel jacket, blazer, coat, overcoat, raincoat, shirts, casual and dress pants, shoes, boots, socks, bodywear, knitwear, bags and leather accessories, ties, handkerchiefs, buttons, scarves, hats and gloves. Items are priced automatically, based on the custom sizes and preferences of the Client.

Style Consultancy

Style consultancy is the central element of our service. It is permanently offered by the manhitect using the web application and in direct meetings.

The Client is advised and kept up to date with regular and formal attire. We do not charge an ongoing fee for this service.


If you are interested in our services, contact us in writing or by telephone.

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