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In the world of business, the attire is both the seller and the shield. At Manhitects, we make sure the image of your employees exudes professionalism.

Image Consultancy

A manhitect provides simple solutions for each individual, or develops complex plans for your employees presentation. He helps the company establish or update the dress code. He advises on which is the appropriate attire for specific meetings and events. We help build the image of the company, by making sure the identity of the company is properly presented to the outside world through the chosen style.

Clothing Supply

Manhitects offers the best solution to put the people and the company in the proper light. We offer solutions to the entire organization, from key people that represent the company at the highest level, to the entire human resource that interacts with the end customers


During the personalized training sessions we teach men about the basic elements of style. For this, we have developed 2 standard trainings:

The personal image
in business

The personal image training is geared towards all men who interact with the end customer or those who have a management role. It is a 90-minute session that lays the foundations of the professional image for men. It includes all the business dress code rules, the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Full day training:
The professional
image for men

The one-day professional image for men training is the most comprehensive deliverable in the field of men’s clothing. It covers all aspects of the professional image, from the understanding of clothing codes to matching and fitting. This training includes a series of presentations and several practical exercises to deliver a deep understanding of the domain.

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