Manhitects is an international organization of image architects. We are always looking for passionate people to join us in our mission.

As potential colleagues and partners, we need people that are aligned with our employment values:


We are doing our job in a way that inspires others to follow us.


We create our own path. We are creative pioneers at everything we do.


We love what we do. We don’t work – we follow our passion.


We are servers of harmony, as part of the beauty in everything we do.


We believe that genius is simplicity. We choose less, to impact more.


We do meet form and essence in everything we create.


We put all our passion and dedication into our clients’ service.

Social responsibility

We take care of our world and respect life in every detail of our work.



The manhitect is a personal consultant, passionate about masculine clothing culture. He is trained and has the experience needed to be able to serve even the most demanding people.

You can join us a manhitect, by going through our training process.

Become a manhitect

Marketing talent

If you have formal marketing experience, understand people and know how to talk to them, consider joining us!

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Manufacturing talent

Our products are works of art. We employ people passionate about their work,  suit makers or shirtmakers. We are always looking to grow our team.