About Us

Manhitects is an organisation of image architects. We have created a service that can transform any accomplished man into a style icon. 

We do image architecture because we are madly in love with the elegance of European men’s style culture. 

Putting our passion into every detail, we specialise in placing men into a timeless golden frame, regardless of context.

Our Purpose

We envision a world in which the accomplished man becomes effortless – a style icon through image architecture, wherever he lives. It is our mission to offer a flawless experience in which the client can define, maintain, and expand his personal style with ease.


We believe that the form and the essence are bounded, and that the form should reflect the essence. Clothes and accessories seem to be the only works of art that directly reflect the attributes of their owner, but they are actually the extension of the inner self. The personal style journey naturally unfolds from the inside. 

So, we work to establish the harmony between the form and the essence, aiming to bring out the client’s natural elegance and authenticity – their sprezzatura.



We are doing our job in a way that inspires others to follow us.


We believe that genius is simplicity. We choose less, to impact more.


We create our own path. We are creative pioneers in everything we do.


We meet form and essence in everything we create.


We love what we do. We don’t work – we follow our passion.


We put all of our passion and dedication into providing our clients with an exceptional service.

Social Responsibility

We take care of our world and respect life in every detail of our work. After all, we complete handwork as much as possible, work with raw materials of natural origin, and do not throw away any leftovers.

Code of Ethics

We maintain a clean environment through transparency and integrity. Our work reflects our words, and our words reflect our work. Our team members are among the best professionals in the industry. United as a family, we treat each other with respect.

Corporate Information


216 Calea Victoriei Street, Office 10, 

District no.1, Bucharest, ZIP 010099, Romania.