Architects of Male Style

Make the world see your impeccable style.

The Style Program

Let yourself be seen and appreciated by others in the way you want to be perceived.

bring your natural elegance to light
simplify your life by dress
join the world of style perpetuity


We curate your style in every context you can envision.

We offer a dedicated service to style-proof your personal wardrobe and create a collection for you based on your own unique designs.

Always be an admired man.

The bespoke atelier:

tailoring experience at your ease.

You don’t have to leave your home or office to create a bespoke masterpiece.

Order online and have an authentic tailoring experience in the comfort of your own home or office.

Each item is made at your request and according to your detailed preferences and measurements.
The process takes up to thirty working days, and up to three fittings are necessary for the first elements to be properly defined.

The Journal

How to Spot the Authentic Bespoke

Bespoke means a garment made..

Today’s bespoke outfit

All season sartorial

Introducing the Manhitects

Manhitects offers the first traditional online bespoke service