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The First Step

It all starts with an appointment. The Client contacts us and the Manhitect schedules a meeting to get acquainted. Once the expectations are set, the Mahitect lays out a personalized proposal. As the entire relationship, the First Step is bound by The Promise.

A Walk

We begin building together:

At first, the Manhitect makes an assessment, the Image Audit. Next, he proposes a list for wardrobe completion and other required personal items. Once accepted by the Client, the Manhitect then provides all the items, some ready to wear, others customized. At last, when everything is completed, the Client has the perfect look for any context, be it formal, office or casual.

Our Journey

Once the results build trust, the Journey begins. The Manhitect becomes the personal adviser of the Client. Everything connected to personal Style becomes the responsibility of the Manhitect.

The Client is always updated, from clothes to latest developments in the Personal Style world. He is always be perfectly prepared for any event or situation, anywhere in the world.

The personal Manhitect further provides services that maintain and follow the Client’s status.

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