About us
We are an international organization of image architects for men.
We provide personal Style consultancy, supply the attire and offer ongoing services needed to define, maintain or expand our Client’s personal Style.

Our goal is to develop a long lasting relationship with our Clients based on trust and results. We aim to be a close personal adviser of our Client, as are the personal lawyer, doctor or financial counselor.

As experts in our field we know the rules, the suppliers and how to provide maximum value to our Client. His personal best interest is our permanent priority. By offering full services we pride in a rewarding, yet effortless experience for our Client.

A personal Manhitect works with the Client, to deliver an individualized service. The scope of organization is to enable each Manhitect to do his bespoke work, based on The Four Pillars of Style.

The Four Pillars of Style

The personal style edifice of our Client is raised on Four Pillars of Style. These are our convictions, the essential values that shape the results.


Being real creates trust and appreciation. The single most important advice is to be true to oneself.


Merit positions men, yet people make impressions by personal appearance.


The end result is individuality, a creation only achieved by applying one’s unique character.


There is an unwritten code of international Style. One can represent his home culture, while being at home anywhere between Tokyo, Dubai, London and New York.
Our services

The Promise



To fully understand and respect His choices.


To always represent His personal best interest.


To offer Him an effortless experience.


To deliver excellent prompt results.

The Client

Our Client is the accomplished man. He is the Professional, the Intellectual, the Business Man.    Having found success on his own, our Client uses The Journey to define and His Style.    The personal Manhitect further provides services that maintain and follow the Client’s status.